About Kelasco Travel

Kelasco Travel is a small agent owned and operated travel agency.  I offer full trip planning whether it’s a simple overnight hotel stay or a luxury Safari in Africa for 30 (or more) days and anything in between.

I’m a very experienced traveler and have been all over the world. I’ve backpacked through Europe, done rail/train travel, I’ve traveled with large groups and I also travel solo. I’m always thinking of my next trip and where I want to go, I’ve seen a lot of places but there’s more I want to see.

I understand public transportation systems such as Metro/Subway & bus systems in most major cities and can also help with hiring a car, getting a cab and ride share companies such as Uber and Lyft (and their equivalents).

I have a lot of travel & packing tips. I can also itinerary plan for you and plan & book activities for you in most locations.